Mission Statement

The Skellig Foundation plans to develop bold new educational and research programs in science, political science, and the arts.  The Foundation is especially interested in linking with visionary individuals and Foundations in order to build and fund novel projects that will contribute to the long term sustainability of communities, and/or that will improve the general public’s appreciation of climate change, and its potential consequences on society.

The Foundation hopes to achieve such goals using different approaches.  First, we wish to financially enable young scholars to attend existing workshops and courses of interest to the Foundation through Skellig Fellowship awards.  Second, the Foundation wishes to raise new types of funding to develop one or more unique Skellig Workshops where broad, intergenerational and interdisiplinary dialogue is focused on key issues of our time, particularly climate change and sustainability.  A central element of the Skellig Workshops will be to find motivated, imaginative and courageous young international scholars with diverse backgrounds and to couple this group with much more established and experienced senior scholars.  The expectation of these “gatherings” will be to maximize the potential of the creative/disruptive space of the “in-between” ie. the borders between youthful optimism, enthusiasm, and daring versus the more calm wisdom of experience.