DaVinci Workshop

Skellig Foundation Da Vinci Project: Creativity for Sustainability (2020, France)   

Pathways for the Future

On the 500th Anniversary of Da Vinci’s death, the Skellig Foundation Da Vinci Project 2020 brings together artists, environmentalists, scientists and scholars from different disciplines to re-examine the method of Da Vinci as we look for a means to reset Modernity and build pathways to the Planet of the Future.

Workshop participants (and contributing senior academics, industrial professionals, and artists) will be asked just one question: ”What solutions would Leonardo suggest now to world leaders in the face of the existential challenges arising from rapidly changing  global climatic conditions?”

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If you are a young person with a big and NOVEL idea addressing CLIMATE CHANGE and GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY which you wish to share and develop with others at the DaVinci Workshop in Amboise this April 22 -26 then please find an expert at your University/Institute/NGO/Company etc to support your idea and nominate you immediately for the Workshop! 

NOTE: We can only accept applications nominated by experts. For team ideas inquires, please contact Dr. Malcolm Buckle for more information.


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